Christensen Associates is an established, full-service, applied economic consulting firm. We produce high-caliber and cutting-edge analysis to help our clients succeed in rapidly changing markets. We are a nimble small business that excels at finding creative, efficient paths to deliver actionable, timely results. We have amassed institutional knowledge of numerous domestic and international industries since our 1976 founding, and we keep that expertise on your projects with excellent consultant retention rates. As an employee-owned consultancy, our staff is committed to our clients’ success in a way that other firms cannot match.

We are analytical thinkers that combine economic theory, institutional knowledge, and state-of-the-art statistical techniques to attack your most challenging business obstacles. Our powerful in-house computers support database compilation and analyses, and we can develop custom software to make models and results readily accessible to managers.

We gain a firm understanding of your challenge before we formulate a master plan to solve it. We then work closely with you to render and implement the agreed-upon approach. Our success is reflected in our satisfied clients who continue to bring us their new challenges as they arise.