For more than three decades, Christensen Associates has provided timely and cost-effective analysis of economic phenomena. Our reputation for concise, cogent, and well-prepared argument has ensured our participation in decades of large, newsworthy cases such as the AT&T antitrust cases, Polaroid’s successful patent infringement suit against Kodak, and modern technology-centric cases with nine-figure settlements. Most of our work, however, comes from satisfied clients who want to employ our battle-tested experience in their medium- and small-scale cases.

We are economists, statisticians, professors, and data analysts with broad experience across a multitude of fields. We quickly master new claim types, and we eagerly tackle cases within cutting-edge industries, such as household electronics production or biotechnology. We know how to merge economic concepts and case minutiae into arguments that resonate with juries, judges, and arbitrators. Our success is no accident; it is enabled by the thorough preparation that underlies an accurate and detailed analysis. Our dedication to a flexible, team-centric approach allows us to efficiently assign the right people to the task at hand.

"There are a lot of accomplished experts around who understand intellectual property, but what sets Carl apart is that he is well attuned to the quickly changing standards concerning the presentation of damages evidence. He plays it straight, never overreaches and has this air of credibility about him."

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