Christensen Associates is a well-respected and long-established applied economic consulting firm with a consistent record of success. Our flexible, team-first approach pulls from a staff with diverse skills within the fields of economics, statistics, data science, and more. We build teams that can deliver insight into those challenges for which our clients want an analytical partner.

But we’re more than just efficient number-crunchers. We’re writers, and we’re communicators. We understand that no discovery has value until it can be effectively shared. We take pride in our reports. We do everything we can to allow our clients to communicate project insights within their organization. We deliver more than results; we provide explanations and implications that improve decision-making.

Most of our new work comes from repeat business with existing clients who appreciate that Christensen Associates delivers superior economic analysis, on time and on budget.

"Our committee had a few questions and suggestions about the final draft report. All were addressed in the final report to our complete satisfaction. This project was a pleasure to work on largely because of Phil's responsiveness and professionalism. I would be pleased to recommend him to any area needing a similar research project."

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