Tom Ayen

Tom Ayen


MS, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Tom Ayen’s primary responsibilities during his tenure at Christensen Associates have involved work for the U.S. Postal Service. He currently is responsible for estimating the revenue, pieces, and weight of First-Class bulk-entered mail. He also assists with other projects estimating bulk mail, and computing workload measures that monitor the performance of area and district postal facilities. Tom has been involved in program development and maintenance of the databases used in the estimation of national Total Factor Productivity for the Postal Service. In addition to his postal projects, he has extensive experience in our litigation support practice, working on legal cases involving damages calculations, patent infringement, business disputes, trademarks, breach of warranty, and lost wages.

News & Updates

Case Study: Vehicle Registration Compliance for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation

February 12, 2015 - The Wisconsin Department of Transportation hired Christensen Associates to conduct a study to estimate the number of automobiles and light trucks on the roads without current registrations, and determine the reasons for non-compliance.